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The Metroid Prime 2 Demo is a demo disc that was released to the public a few months before the release of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes through a bundle with the original Metroid Prime, as well as via Nintendo Power. It contains a slightly modified version of the E3 2004 demo (with some rooms that were playable at E3 being blocked off, although they're still on the disc). There are a fair few differences from the final game, including a lot of cut content that didn't make it onto the final disc.


Format Contents
AFSM AI Finite State Machine
AGSC Audio Group Set
ANCS Animation/Character Set
ANIM Animation
ATBL Audio Lookup Table
CINF Skeleton
CMDL Model
CRSC Collision Response Particle System
CSKR Skin Rules
CSPP Spatial Primitive
DCLN Dynamic Collision
DGRP Dependency Group
DPSC Decal Particle System
DSP Music
DUMB Binary Data
EGMC Editor Object to Static Geometry Map
ELSC Electric Particle System
FSM2 Finite State Machine 2
HINT Hint System
MAPA Area Map
MAPU Universe Map
MAPW World Map
MLVL World
NTWK Tweaks
PAK Package
PART Particle System
PATH Pathfinding
PTLA Portal Area
RULE Rule Set
SAVW World Save Info
SCAN Scannable Object Info
SPSC Spawn Particle System
SRSC Sorted Particle System
STLC String List
STRG String Table
SWHC Swoosh Particle System
THP Video
TXTR Texture
WPSC Weapon Particle System