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This article is for the CHAR format from the Donkey Kong Country series. See CHAR (File Format) for the other revisions of this format.

The CHAR format defines animated characters. It's the successor to the CHAR format from Prime 3.

Morphball wire.png This file format needs a lot of research
This format has not been researched/documented very well yet, but it seems different from the Prime 3 format.



The header is used to point to other important files defining an animated character. Unsigned 64bit IDs name these files. It is possible that IDs are set to 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, indicating a null value.

The strings are null-terminated ascii-character arrays.

Size Type Description
4 u32 Unknown; always 0x59BE000E - probably magic value
19 - Unknown
- string Character name
8 ID Character skeleton See CINF
8 ID Unknown - These IDs point to CPRM files
4 u32 Unknown
13 string This is always "SkinnedModel"
8 ID Character model See CMDL (Donkey Kong Country Returns)
8 ID Character skin See CSKR


24 zero-bytes.


Size Type Description
4 u32 Chunk Count (CC)
- Chunk[CC] Chunks


Size Type Description
- string Chunk Name
8 ID File ID Often ANIM files
4 char[4] File Type Either "ANIM" or something else
33 - Unknown