List of Script Objects (Metroid Prime)

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This is a list of script objects in Metroid Prime and its demo.

List of script objects

ID Name Demo Final Notes
0x0 Actor
0x1 Enemy Unused
0x2 Waypoint
0x3 DoorArea
0x4 Trigger
0x5 Timer
0x6 Counter
0x7 Effect
0x8 Platform
0x9 Sound
0xA Generator
0xB Dock
0xC Camera
0xD CameraWaypoint
0xE NewIntroBoss Used for Parasite Queen
0xF SpawnPoint
0x10 CameraHint
0x11 Pickup
0x12 JumpPoint Unused
0x13 MemoryRelay
0x14 RandomRelay
0x15 Relay
0x16 Beetle Used for Beetle, Plated Beetle
0x17 HUDMemo
0x18 CameraFilterKeyframe
0x19 CameraBlurKeyframe
0x1A DamageableTrigger
0x1B Debris
0x1C CameraShaker
0x1D ActorKeyframe
0x20 Water
0x21 WarWasp Used for War Wasp, Barbed War Wasp, Ram War Wasp
0x22 MapStation Deprecated. Use a SpecialFunction instead.
0x24 SpacePirate Used for Space Pirate, Shadow Pirate, Beam Troopers
0x25 FlyingPirate Used for Flying Pirate, Aqua Pirate
0x26 ElitePirate
0x27 MetroidBeta Used for Hunter Metroid
0x28 ChozoGhost
0x2A CoverPoint
0x2C SpiderBallWaypoint
0x2D BloodFlower
0x2E FlickerBat
0x2F PathCamera
0x30 GrapplePoint
0x31 PuddleSpore
0x32 DebugCameraWaypoint Unused
0x33 SpiderBallAttractionSurface
0x34 PuddleToadGamma Used for Stone Toad
0x35 DistanceFog
0x36 FireFlea Used for Plazmite
0x37 MetareeAlpha Used for Shriekbat, Ice Shriekbat
0x38 DockAreaChange Unused
0x39 ActorRotate
0x3A SpecialFunction
0x3B SpankWeed Used for Reaper Vine, Aqua Vine
0x3C Sova Unused
0x3D Parasite Used for Parasite, Plated Parasite, Ice Parasite, Zoomer, Grizby, Crystallite
0x3E PlayerHint
0x3F Ripper Used for Glider
0x40 PickupGenerator
0x41 AIKeyframe Unused
0x42 PointOfInterest
0x43 Drone
0x44 MetroidAlpha Used for Metroid, Fission Metroid
0x45 DebrisExtended
0x46 Steam
0x47 Ripple
0x48 BallTrigger
0x49 TargetingPoint
0x4A ElectroMagneticPulse
0x4B IceSheegoth
0x4C PlayerActor
0x4D Flaahgra
0x4E AreaAttributes
0x4F FishCloud
0x50 FishCloudModifier
0x51 VisorFlare
0x52 WorldTeleporter Redundant unused slot; 0x62 is the one that the game uses (both are identical)
0x53 VisorGoo
0x54 JellyZap Used for Jelzap
0x55 ControllerAction
0x56 Switch
0x57 PlayerStateChange
0x58 Thardus
0x59 SaveStation Deprecated. Use a SpecialFunction instead.
0x5A WallCrawlerSwarm Used for Parasite, Scarab, Tallon Crab
0x5B AIJumpPoint
0x5C FlaahgraTentacle
0x5D RoomAcoustics
0x5E ColorModulate
0x5F ThardusRockProjectile
0x60 Midi
0x61 StreamedAudio
0x62 WorldTeleporter
0x63 Repulsor
0x64 GunTurret
0x65 FogVolume Unused
0x66 Babygoth
0x67 Eyeball Used for Eyon
0x68 RadialDamage
0x69 CameraPitchVolume
0x6A EnvFxDensityController
0x6B Magdolite Used for Magmoor
0x6C TeamAIMgr
0x6D SnakeWeedSwarm Used for Tangle Weed, Venom Weed
0x6E ActorContraption Used for Incinerator Drone
0x6F Oculus
0x70 Geemer
0x71 SpindleCamera
0x72 AtomicAlpha Used for Pulse Bombu
0x73 CameraHintTrigger
0x74 RumbleEffect
0x75 AmbientAI Used for Blastcaps and other ambient creatures
0x77 AtomicBeta Used for Scatter Bombu
0x78 IceZoomer Unused
0x79 Puffer
0x7A Tryclops
0x7B Ridley
0x7C Seedling
0x7D ThermalHeatFader
0x7F Burrower
0x81 ScriptBeam
0x82 WorldLightFader
0x83 MetroidPrimeStage2
0x84 MetroidPrimeRelay Used for Metroid Prime stage 1
0x85 MazeNode
0x86 OmegaPirate
0x87 PhazonPool
0x88 PhazonHealingNodule
0x89 NewCameraShaker
0x8A ShadowProjector
0x8B EnergyBall

List of states

ID Name
0x0 Active
0x1 Arrived
0x2 Closed
0x3 Entered
0x4 Exited
0x5 Inactive
0x6 Inside
0x7 MaxReached
0x8 Open
0x9 Zero
0xA Attack
0xB Unknown
0xC Retreat
0xD Patrol
0xE Dead
0xF CameraPath
0x10 CameraTarget
0x11 Unknown
0x12 Play
0x13 Unknown
0x14 DeathRattle
0x15 Unknown
0x16 Damage
0x17 Unknown
0x18 Unknown
0x19 Modify
0x1C ScanDone
0x1E Unknown
0x1F ReflectedDamage
0x20 InheritBounds

List of messages

ID Name
0x1 Activate
0x2 Unknown
0x3 Close
0x4 Deactivate
0x5 Decrement
0x6 Follow
0x7 Increment
0x8 Next
0x9 Open
0xA Reset
0xB ResetAndStart
0xC SetToMax
0xD SetToZero
0xE Start
0xF Stop
0x10 StopAndReset
0x11 ToggleActive
0x12 Unknown
0x13 Action
0x14 Play
0x15 Alert