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| 0x14
| 0x14
| colspan=2 {{unknown|MusyX data starts]}
| colspan=2 {{unknown|MusyX data starts}}

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The CSNG format contains MIDI data. It appears in Metroid Prime 1 and 2. It is essentially MusyX's SON music format, with a custom header.

Morphball wire.png This file format needs a lot of research
Nothing is known about this format.


Custom Header

This 0x14-byte header isn't part of the MusyX format; it appears at the start of the file. After parsing this the rest of the file is copied into a buffer and then passed to the MusyX functions.

Offset Size Description
0x0 4 Magic; (always 0x2)
0x4 4 Sequence Index
0x8 4 Voice Count
0x10 4 File Length
0x14 MusyX data starts


Offset Size Description
0x0 4 Voice Header Table Offset (start of MusyX SON data)
0x4 4 Voice Sequence Offsets Table Offset
0x8 4 Wave Index Table Offset
0xC 4 Unknown; (always 0...probably another offset)
0x10 4 Initial BPM Rate; AKA Tempo (always 0x78 = 120 beats per minute)