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Retro Modding Wiki is the definitive resource containing all of the information gathered on formats used throughout Retro Studios' games: the critically-acclaimed Metroid Prime trilogy and the Donkey Kong Country Returns games. Our goal is to have a complete understanding of every file format and function in Retro Studio's games so that we can build level editors, import brand new assets, and create mods.

If you want to contribute and help us research these game files, create an account and join our community devoted to modding Retro Studios titles. Be sure to also check out the main discussion thread in the forum as well!


RMW started out as a forum post about hacking and modding Metroid Prime created by Parax. Over the course of the thread, a lot of progress has been made; many file formats were able to be read and edited, and a number of tools began development.

Eventually, the thread grew so large that it had become rather difficult to find information and collaborate on hacking files, so it was decided that a Wiki would be needed to document all the file formats and progress made. Since Retro Studios, the team behind the Metroid Prime trilogy and Donkey Kong Country Returns series, utilizes the same game engine for all of their games, we chose to name our wiki the Retro Modding Wiki, as the progress made so far encompasses all of their games.

On January 22nd, Nate, owner of, was gracious enough to host this wiki on his website. Several contributors from the forum soon joined to further support this challenging hacking endeavor and expand the Wiki to its current state.