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Morphball wirerender.png This file format needs more research
The BSP tables at the end need research

The PATH format is used to store an area's Navigation Mesh in the Metroid Prime series. Like navigation meshes in many other game engines (Unreal Engine 2, Source, etc...), the PATH format represents an n-gon mesh partitioned into a BSP tree for rapid queries.

Please Note: PATH meshes use the local coordinate system of the MREA. One must multiply PATH coordinates as a column-vector with the matrix at offset 0x8 in the MREA to get world coordinates.


Data Type Description Notes
long Version Always 0x4 in GM8E-0-00 and Trilogy release.
long Vertex count
Vertex Entry Vertex Table
long Edge count
Edge Entry Edge Table
long Polygon count
Polygon Entry Polygon Table
Unknown BSP Tables

Vertex Entry

Offset Length Data Type Description Notes
0x0 12 float3 Vertex Position
0xC 12 float3 Vertex Normal

Edge Entry

Offset Length Data Type Description Notes
0x0 4 long Polygon A index References into Polygon Table
0x4 4 long Polygon B index References into Polygon Table
0x8 4 float Edge Length
0xC 4 float Unknown Value Speculation: Cost of edge traversal (i.e. edge steepness). Characters may have a set threshold when selecting edges to traverse.

Polygon Entry

Offset Length Data Type Description Notes
0x0 4 long Vertex Count Specifies range of vertices
0x4 4 long Vertex Start Index References into Vertex Table
0x8 4 long Edge Count Specifies range of edges
0xC 4 long Edge Start Index References into Edge Table
0x10 2 short Unknown meta-data Range [1,7]
0x12 2 short Unknown meta-data Possible Values (1,2,4)
0x14 4 float Polygon area
0x18 12 float3 Polygon normal
0x24 4 long Self-index References polygon's own index in table
0x28 12 float3 Polygon center position
0x34 12 float3 AABB-min
0x40 12 float3 AABB-max
0x4C 4 long Self-index A duplicate of the 0x24 value for some reason