Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Metroid Prime, and the second game developed by Retro.


Format Contents
AFSM AI finite state machines
AGSC Sound effect groups
ANCS Animation/character sets
ANIM Animations
ATBL Audio lookup table
CINF Skeletons
CMDL Models
CRSC Collision response data
CSKR Skin bindings
DCLN Collision OBB tree groups
DGRP Dependency groups
DPSC Decal data
DSP Music
DUMB Raw binary data
EGMC Scan-to-static-mesh mapping data
ELSC Electricity particles
EVNT Animation event data
FSM2 Another finite state machine format
FONT Fonts
FRME GUI frames
HINT Hint system hints
MAPA Area maps
MAPW World maps
MAPU Universe map
MLVL Worlds
MREA Areas (room geometry, collision, objects, lights, etc)
NTWK Tweak data
PAK Packfiles
PART Particles
PATH AI navigation mesh
SAVW World save info
SCAN Scannable object info
STLC Audio name lookup
STRG String tables
SWHC Swoosh particles
THP Videos
TXTR Textures
WPSC Weapon projectile data