Metroid Prime

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Metroid Prime is the first game made by Retro Studios. What are you doing here if you don't know what this game is?


  • AFSM: AI finite state machine
  • AGSC: Sound effects
  • ANCS: Character
  • ANIM: Animation data
  • ATBL: Audio table
  • CINF: Skeletons
  • CMDL: Models
  • CRSC: Collision response data
  • CSKR: Skin bindings
  • CSNG: MIDI data
  • CTWK: Tweak data
  • DCLN: Collision OBB tree group
  • DGRP: Dependency groups
  • DPSC: Decal data
  • DSP: Music
  • DUMB: Raw data
  • ELSC: Particle electric data
  • EVNT: Animation POI data
  • FONT: Font
  • FRME: GUI frames
  • HINT: Hint system manager
  • MAPA: Area map
  • MAPW: World map
  • MAPU: Universe map
  • MLVL: World
  • MREA: Area (room geometry, collision, objects, lights, etc)
  • PAK: Packfile
  • PART: Particles
  • PATH: Spline path data
  • SAVW: World save info
  • SCAN: Scannable object info
  • STRG: String tables
  • SWHC: Particle swoosh data
  • THP: Videos
  • TXTR: Textures
  • WPSC: Weapon projectile data