MAPW (File Format)

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The MAPW format defines the map for a world, which is basically just a list of MAPA files.


MAPW is essentially just an array of MAPA IDs. There's always one MAPA per area. The MAPW format has never been updated; every Prime game uses the same version of the format, version 1. The only difference is that Prime 1/2 have 32-bit file IDs, while Prime 3 has 64-bit ones.

Offset Type Count Name Notes
0x0 u32 1 Magic Always 0xDEADF00D
0x4 u32 1 Version Always 1
0x8 u32 1 Area Map Count Count of MAPA files in the next array
0xC Asset ID Area Map Count Area Map Array Array of MAPA asset IDs
End of file