HINT (File Format)

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The HINT format is used to manage the hint system, controlling what hints pop up, what they say, and where they point to.

This file format is almost completely documented
There are a couple unknown fields.



Offset Size Description
0x0 4 Magic; always 0x00BADBAD
0x4 4 Version; 1 in Prime/Echoes, 3 in Corruption
0x8 4 Hint count
0xC Hint entries start


Type Count Description
string 1 Hint name
float 1 Immediate Time
float 1 Normal time; the amount of time that passes from when the hint is activated to when it appears on the HUD
u32/u64 1 Pop-up text STRG ID; u32 in Metroid Prime 1/2, u64 in Metroid Prime 3
float 1 Text Time
u32 1 Location Count
HintLocation locationCount Hint Locations; Areas where this hint appears.


Type Count Description
u32 1 Target world MLVL ID
u32 1 Target room MREA ID
u32 1 Target room index
u32 1 Map text STRG ID
End of entry