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The EGMC file format is in Metroid Prime 2 and 3. Its extension stands for Editor Object to Static Geometry Map Cooked. It's a simplistic format whose main responsibility is mapping PointOfInterest script objects to static world geometry, which allows world meshes to be scanned. The same POI can be mapped to multiple meshes, and likewise, the same mesh can be mapped to multiple POIs (which can be toggled on or off via script connections so only one POI is active at a time).


This is an extremely simple format; it's just an array of a small struct mapping a surface group ID to a PointOfInterest instance.

Offset Type Count Name
0x0 u32 1 Mapping Count
0x4 Mapping Mapping Count Mapping Array
End of file


Offset Type Name Notes
0x00 u32 Surface Group ID Area-relative surface group ID.
0x04 u32 PointOfInterest Instance ID
0x08 End of mapping