Donkey Kong Country Returns

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Donkey Kong Country Returns was the rebirth of the Donkey Kong Country series, serving as Retro's first non-Metroid title. Despite being a completely different genre and playing completely differently from the Metroid Prime series, it has a surprising number of similarities to Metroid Prime 3 internally.


Build Date/Time Version
v74844 2010/10/14 00:29 Wii NTSC 0A-0
v74887 2010/10/16 18:49 Wii PAL
v75001 2010/10/22 21:39 Wii NTSC 0A-1
v75508 2010/11/15 18:37 Wii NTSC-J


Format Contents
ANIM Animation
CAUD Audio Manager Macro
CHAR Character
CINF Skeleton
CMDL Model
CPRM Animation Collision Primitive Data
CSKR Skin Rules
CSMP Audio Sample
DCLN Dynamic Collision
DGRP Dependency Group
FSMC Finite State Machine
MLVL World
NTWK Tweaks
PAK Package
PART Particle System
RSO Shared Object
RULE Rule Set
SAVW World Save Info
SPSC Spawn Particle System
STRG String Table
STRM Streamed Audio
SWHC Swoosh Particle System
THP Video
TXTR Texture
XFSC Transform Particle System