Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is the most recent Retro release, and their only game on the Wii U; along with the new console came a large overhaul of the engine, with a lot of old formats being removed, a lot of new ones introduced, and a lot of the remaining ones being overhauled completely.


Format Contents
ANIM Animation
ARC Archive
CABH Audio Bus Heirarchy
CAUD Audio Sound Effect
CHAR Character
CLSN Collision
CMDL Model
CSMP Audio Sample
DCLN Dynamic Collision
DGRP Dependency Group
FSMC Finite State Machine
GENP Generic Particle System
GFX Flash Movie
GFXL Flash Texture Library
MP4 Video
LDTA Loose Data
LPRB Light Probe
MSBT Message Studio Binary Text
MTRL Material Shaders
PAK Packages
RSTC Rule Set
SKEL Skeleton
SMDL Skinned Model
SPWN Spawn Particle System
SWSH Swoosh Particle System
TXTR Texture
UINF Universe Info
WMDL World Model
XFRM Transform Particle System