DPSC (File Format)

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Morphball wirerender.png This file format needs more research
Parameter keys need reverse-engineering

The DPSC effect script format is used to build decal effects in the Metroid Prime series. Decals are commonly constructed via CRSC scripts in the event that a projectile weapon collides with another object.


Scope is one of (Constant, System)

  • Constant parameters are evaluated once initially and retained within the system.
  • System parameters are evaluated per-system, per-frame.
FourCC Scope Data Type Description Notes
DMOO bool
DMAB bool
DMDL int (CMDL ref)
DMCL color
DMOP vector
DMRT vector
DMSC vector
DLFT int
nADD bool
nCLR float4
nOFF vector
nROT float
nSZE float
nLFT int