CSNG (File Format)

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The CSNG format contains MIDI data. It appears in Metroid Prime 1 and 2. It is essentially MusyX's SON music format, with a custom header.

All offsets are relative to the start of the main header (after the custom header).

Morphball wire.png This file format needs a lot of research
Nothing is known about this format.


Custom Header

This 0x14-byte header isn't part of the MusyX format; it appears at the start of the file. After parsing this the rest of the file is copied into a buffer and then passed to the MusyX functions.

Offset Size Description
0x0 4 Magic; (always 0x2)
0x4 4 Sequence Index
0x8 4 Voice Count
0x10 4 File Length
0x14 MusyX data starts


Offset Size Description
0x0 4 Voice Header Table Offset (start of MusyX SON data)
0x4 4 Voice Sequence Offsets Table Offset
0x8 4 Wave Index Table Offset
0xC 4 Unknown; (always 0...probably another offset)
0x10 4 Initial BPM Rate; AKA Tempo (always 0x78 = 120 beats per minute)


The data in the files is very similar to MIDI, however it is formatted by word, rather than MIDI's byte formatting.

After the data for the instruments are defined, there is a table of offsets for data through out the SON data. Each chunk of data starts with a long 0x8, usually followed by another absolute offset that points to the end of the chunk.

Notes durations are controlled by 96 ticks per beat.