CRSC (File Format)

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Morphball wirerender.png This file format needs more research
Key parameters need reverse-engineering

The CRSC effect script format is used to build collision-responses for weapon-projectiles in the Metroid Prime series. Collision conditions, appearance and audio are controlled by the keys in this script.


Scope is one of (Constant, System)

  • Constant parameters are evaluated once initially and retained within the system.
  • System parameters are evaluated per-system, per-frame.
FourCC Scope Data Type Description Notes
DCHR int (PART ref)
DEFS int (PART ref)
FOFF float
RNGE float Visible response range If collision distance from player-eye exceeds this value, collision-response will not be shown
MSFX int
DDCL int (DPSC ref)
DSHX int
DSFX int
ENDL int (DPSC ref)
CHDL int (DPSC ref)
WTDL int (DPSC ref)
GODL int (DPSC ref)
GOFX int
GOOO int
ICDL int (DPSC ref)
ICFX int
ICEE int
GRDL int (DPSC ref)
GRFX int
GRAS int
MEDL int (DPSC ref)
CODL int (DPSC ref)
WODL int (DPSC ref)
WTFX int
WATR int
CHFX int
CHSH int
CHSP int
CZFX int
CHOZ int
IBHX int
IBSH int
IBSX int
IBSP int
IBFX int
IBOS int
PBHX int
PBSH int
PBSX int
PBSP int
PBFX int
PBOS int
HBFX int
BFSH int
SBFX int
BFSP int
BFFX int
BFLR int
MHFX int
BMSH int
BMSP int
BMFX int
BMON int
PHFX int
PSSH int
PSFX int
PSSP int
PAFX int
PARA int
HFFX int
FFSH int
SFFX int
FFSP int
FFFX int
FFLE int
FHFX int
FPSH int
FSFX int
FPSP int
FPFX int
FPIR int
SPSH int
SSFX int
SPSP int
SPFX int
SPIR int
GHFX int
TGSH int
GSFX int
TGSP int
GTFX int
PTGM int
THFX int
TASH int
TSFX int
TASP int
TAFX int
TALP int (PART ref)
WHFX int
WWSH int
WWSP int
WWFX int
WASP int
BHFX int
BTSH int
BSFX int
BTSP int
BEFX int
BTLE int
SHFX int
DESH int (PART ref)
ESFX int
DESP int
DEFX int
DENM int (PART ref)
DCHS int
DCFX int
CSFX int
CRTS int
MTLS int
WSFX int
WODS int
6ISE int
5ISE int
4ISE int
3ISE int
2ISE int
1ISE int
JZHS int
JZSH int
JZPS int
JZSP int
JZAS int
JZAP int
6MRE int
5MRE int
4MRE int
3MRE int
2MRE int
1MRE int
6DRN int
5DRN int
4DRN int
3DRN int
2DRN int
1DRN int
6FLB int
5FLB int
4FLB int
3FLB int
2FLB int
1FLB int
6PDS int
5PDS int
4PDS int
3PDS int
2PDS int
1PDS int
6MTR int
5MTR int
4MTR int
3MTR int
2MTR int
1MTR int
6RPR int
5RPR int
4RPR int
3RPR int
2RPR int
1RPR int
6SVA int
5SVA int
4SVA int
3SVA int
2SVA int
1SVA int
6ATA int
5ATA int
4ATA int
3ATA int
2ATA int
1ATA int
6ATB int
5ATB int
4ATB int
3ATB int
2ATB int
1ATB int
2BSE int
1BSE int
2SAN int
2MUD int
DCSH int