CINF (File Format)

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The CINF format is for character layouts (i.e. skeletons/armatures). Character layouts are associated with models and skins through ANCS files.

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MP3/DKCR differences


Type Count Name Notes
u32 1 Bone Count
Bone Bone Count Bone Table
u32 1 Build Order ID Count
u32 Build Order ID Count Build Order ID Table The first element of the ID table is the root bone, followed by the rest of the bone IDs in reverse numerical order. This table is enumerated in-order to construct a singly-linked hierarchy of bones using child/sibling convention.
u32 1 Bone Name Count
Bone Name Bone Name Count Bone Name Table
End of file


Offset Type Count Name Notes MP1 MP2
0x0 u32 1 Bone ID
0x4 u32 1 Parent Bone ID
0x8 Vector3f 1 Position The position is in the skeleton's local space, not in the parent's bone space.
0x14 Quaternion 1 Rotation Initial rotation of the bone, also in the skeleton's local space.
0x24 Quaternion 1 Local Rotation Initial local rotation of the bone in this bone's local space (parent-relative).
0x34 u32 1 Linked Bone Count
0x38 u32 Linked Bone Count Linked Bone ID Array This array includes both the parent bone ID as well as all children.
End of bone

Bone Name

Type Count Name Notes
string 1 Bone Name
u32 1 Bone ID
End of bone name