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The CAUD format stores sound effect macros. It references one or more audio samples and controls how they play in-game. It's essentially a replacement for the SoundMacro system from the AGSC format in Prime 1/2.


Type Count Name Notes
FourCC 1 Magic Always CAUD
u32 1 Version Possible values:
  • 0x2: Metroid Prime 3 E3 Prototype
  • 0x9: Metroid Prime 3
  • 0xE: Donkey Kong Country Returns
string 1 Macro Name This is a zero-terminated string.
u32 1 Volume Group Count Count of volume groups this macro is in.
string Volume Group Count Volume Group Name Array Array of volume group name strings. These names are referenced by VolumeGroup script instances in MREA files.
u32 1 Unknown
u32 1 Unknown
float 1 Unknown
float 1 Unknown
u32 1 Unknown
u32 1 Sample Count Count of audio samples in the macro.
Sample Info Sample Count Sample Array Array defining all audio samples used in the macro.
End of File

Sample Info

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Offset Type Count Name Notes
0x0 u32 1 Sample Info Size Size of this sample info chunk, not including itself.
0x4 Asset ID (CSMP) 1 Sample ID Asset ID of the audio sample.