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Interesting facts you don't know about Sabong

Sabong is a 6000-year-old traditional game. You might have read about some historical sports games which dated back to the ancient era and more than 300 to 400 thousand years old. But do you know that sabong is a 6000-year-old game traditionally played in many parts of the world? Yes, that is absolutely correct! Sabong is just more than entertainment. It was an integral part of Filipino culture. To support this statement, hundreds of thousands of archives, as well as historical scripts, suggest that sabong played in some exclusive part of the world which is now called the Republic of Philippines. According to some famous historians, there are evidence and proof which still suggest that the Philippines has more than 6 to 7 thousand years old history of sabong. However, there are still debates related to the origin of this type of game. Sabong is a blood sport and a betting game. Click here for more info. Sabong or cockfighting is what the name suggests – cockfighting. In which two or sometimes even more than two male versions of cocks (also known as roosters) complete and fight against each other aggressively in order to win the match. However, there can be only one winner of this. And the winner is decided if one of the cocks turns down or sometimes even dies. Because of this, sabong is also known as a blood sports game. Apart from this, many gamblers turn towards cockfights in order to play bets on this game and win a good amount of money in no time. This is the reason why sabong comes under the category of gambling games. Sabong can be played online.