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Best Location

The Westgate Grand Central Hotel has the best location for tourists and other guests. It is located right near the Grand Central Terminal so that their guests can travel anywhere from the hotel. It is very easy and convenient for those wanting to travel to many of the nearby places. One can make their reservations at the Hotel Website. They even have boarding pass printing services to make things even more convenient. They also have croupier Services to help guests with recommendations and making reservations or appointments. There are a great number of places one can travel from here, like the Central Park Mall or Central Park Zoo, both of which are in Central Park. Or other attractions like the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station and more. Brooklyn Bridge: • The beautiful Neo-Gothic architectural style of the Brooklyn Bridge is very attractive to many visitors. Its stone towers have pointed arch characteristics, which adds to its beauty. Its towers are 85 meters high and are made out of limestone and granite. • It was once the longest bridge in 1883, with a length of 1,833.7 meters in length. It was also the first bridge to cross the East River. It has a width of 25.9 meters and supports six lanes of cars. Central Park: • Central Park houses a variety of biologically diverse plant and animal species. • It has large water bodies and beautiful scenery. • Several recreational activities take place here like cycling, bicycle tours, horse carriage tours, sports facilities, concerts and events. • It also has several attractions like the famous Central Park Zoo, Central Park Carousel and the Wollman Rink. There are Formal ones too, like the Central Park Mall, Delacorte Theatre and Bethesda Terrace. Grand Central Station: • The Grand Station occupies 48 acres or 19 hectares and has two levels. Each level is for two different types of trains. On the first level, one can board the inter-city trains that move between cities. Or, on the second level, one can board the intra-city trains that move within cities. • On top of the concourse desk at The Grand Central Terminal is a stunning bronze clock. The Grand Central four-faced clock is a beautiful, functional masterpiece. It was designed by a sculptor, Henry Edward Bedford. He worked as an executive of The Self Winding Clock Company. • Under the Grand Central Station is the M42 sub-basement. It is the underground section of the Grand Central Terminal that is the largest in America.