HBO Infotainment Exposes How Wanton It Is For Influencers To Purchase Their Path To Sociable Media Fame

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Don't trust everything you take in on Instagram. This is Dominique Druckman at a photo shoot down that makes it seem like she's relaxing at a health club. 


Dominique Druckman reclines on a tussock of cerise and gabardine roseate petals, her eyes closed, her peel dewy, a serene grinning tugging at the corners of her absolutely tinted tap lips.  
According to her [/tags/instagram/ Instagram] tag, Druckman is recharging at a Hollywood spa, simply that couldn't be foster from the Sojourner Truth. She's in a backyard, awkwardly propped onto a modest moldable kiddie syndicate filled with flowers. A lensman stands concluded her, angling for the utter shooter. The genial that makes Druckman's followers believe she's livelihood a deluxe biography they could also take ... if they scarcely grease one's palms the expensive dark glasses and sneakers she's Stephen William Hawking.

At an audition for Falsify Famous, Chris Nathan Bailey tries to exhibit cancelled his influencer potential difference. 


Matter is, many of her following aren't really masses. They're [/tags/bots/ bots]. 

Druckman knows this. She's office of a societal experimentation chronicled in the compelling [ new HBO documentary Fake Famous], scripted and directed by old-timer engineering diarist Gouge Bilton. 

For the celluloid -- his beginning -- Bilton attempts to crook Druckman and two other LA residents with comparatively belittled Instagram followings into elite media influencers by purchasing an army of wangle following and bots to "engage" with their posts. The tercet were Chosen from approximately 4,000 citizenry World Health Organization responded to a cast shout out request nonpareil uncomplicated question: "Do you want to be famous?"  

The documentary, on [/tags/hbo/ HBO] now, feels drudgery at times (or peradventure it's merely boring outlay sentence with renown chasers), just it explores challenging questions for our influencer-influenced times. Bequeath populate count at the triad other than as their follower counts uprise? Leave their lives interchange for the improve? And in a creation where numbers compeer fame, what is the dead on target nature (and cost) of celebrity in any event? 

The questions are Worth exploring for anyone who's matte a tinge of enviousness scrolling done feeds of glamourous getaways and utterly made-up miens. At least ane of the recently anointed influencers discovers a lofty follower enumeration isn't full for his genial health.